4 Types of Sound Bath Experiences

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We hear sounds every day. But if you listen closely enough, did you know that you can actually heal yourself from sound?

In fact, there is actually a wellness practice known as a sound bath. This is a meditative experience that allows you to lie still and absorb the vibrations, frequencies, tones, and beats that sound produces.
While a typical bath involves immersing yourself physically in water, a sound bath is where you become completely immersed in sound (and stay dry).
This practice is nothing new, having been practiced for thousands of years already. But in the current world that we live in today—where we are constantly on the go and rarely allow ourselves to lie still and be present—sound baths are being craved more and more.
When immersed in the healing powers of sound, your body will also be able to benefit both physically and psychologically. I know this because I’ve experienced it first-hand. In fact, the healing that sound baths helped me achieve when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer is what led me to change my career path entirely and become a sound healing practitioner myself.
Having come from decades of being an accomplished DJ, composer, and audio producer, I already had a deep understanding of the effects of sound and how to produce an auditory experience with true impact and meaning. Combining that knowledge and experience with the world of sound healing, I now offer a range of sound bath experiences that cater to various lifestyles and health goals.
If you are wondering what type of sound bath experience is right for you, look no further. I’ve rounded up four different types of experiences to consider – all of which are designed to help you heal.
  1. Private Solo Sound Bath Session

    Each person’s wellness journey is unique. This is why I really enjoy working one-on-one with clients to guide them through a customized sound bath experience. I invite them into my studio and establish upfront what their health goals are. Some want to focus on mastering their emotions. Others want to find ways to destress and recharge. And some want to simply pamper their senses.

    Based on the goals established upfront, I guide them through a private session where the sounds I produce will help them to discover their true potential, destroy any self-doubt and leave them feeling dazzled in their new-found energy.

    During these solo sessions, I also offer the opportunity to do this sound bath wearing virtual reality goggles. By wearing these, the sensory experience will be further enhanced and they will have visual cues to guide them in sync with the sounds to get them to a hypnotic state of mediation.

  2. Workplace Sound Bath Sessions

    Another way to experience a sound bath is to do so in the workplace. There is an increasing demand for businesses to offer more wellness offerings to employees, with my workplace sound baths doing just that.

    I conduct these sound bath sessions directly in the office—whether that be in Willis Tower or in a salon. The beauty of a sound bath is that the set-up is easy and they can literally take place anywhere where there is simply enough space for participants to lie in stillness.

    Workplace sound baths are designed to help employees let go of stress, enhance productivity and increase camaraderie throughout the office. These are one of my favorite types of sound baths to offer because people from all walks of life can join together and soak in the healing sensations of sound.

  3. Community Sound Bath Events

    Connecting with your colleagues is important. But so is connecting with your wider community. Another type of sound bath experience is catered for communities specifically. I run these throughout Chicago, whether that be at a sporting event, a music festival, or in a community space like LUXX.

    These events are always special because the energy is intensified with bigger groups. Even if you arrive at the sound bath event not knowing anyone upfront, you will leave feeling connected through sound.

  4. Sound Bath Playlists

    While there is always so much to gain from an in-person sound bath session, it does not mean you are limited just to that. In fact, you can experience the healing power of sound in your own time too – and anywhere in the world.

    I’ve created two sound healing playlists that are designed to give you similar benefits to my in-person sessions.

    Running to the Beat is my first sound bath playlist, which uses methodical binaural beats to help you feel more energized and focused during a workout. Heavens Lounge is my other sound bath playlist, which uses auditory precision through music to relax the mind, body and spirit either at home or out in public settings.

    Sound baths are something that all of humankind should be able to integrate into their lives. And I look forward to leading you through yours.

In sound we are born, In sound we are healed — Angel Pete

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