Life Extension Volume 1 4HZ Theta Wave w 73 174 285 396 HZ and Singing Bowls Life – Volume 3


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Saints and Angels Healing through Sound is an innovative meditation sound experience designed to help you access and experience powerful states of healing, restoration, and inner connection. Featuring 4hz Theta Wave rhythms blended with Solfeggio frequencies at 174 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, and the beautiful harmony of crystal singing bowls – this deeply immersive soundscape provides a perfect balance of music and sound energy for listeners to relax into a state of mindfulness that leads to deep healing. Experience the rejuvenating effects of Saints and Angels Healing through Sound on your body and soul today! With its combination of soothing sounds from nature and vibrant tones from ancient practices, Saints and Angels Healing Through Sound was created to enrich the lives of everyone who takes part in this experience. Dive into a restorative state of immense inner peace – heal your body through the power of sound meditation and find inspiration in the healing music journey like never before.