Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowl Bag – 12inch

Extremely durable 12″ Nylon Crystal Singing Bowl Bag – Black


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On the go and bringing your singing bowl along for the ride? Protect it with the Crystal Singing Bowl Bag from Meinl Sonic Energy. Made from heavy-duty nylon with a low-profile shape, this carrying bag protects your bowl from damage during transportation. It also includes an outer pocket for a rod or accessories, so you can enjoy the peaceful sounds of your singing bowl wherever you go without the discomfort of carrying multiple items!

Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowl Bag Features:

  • Protective nylon bag for a crystal singing bowl
  • Heavy-duty padded nylon grip for comfort
  • An exterior pocket fits suitable rods and accessories

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Fits bowls up to 12 inches