Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowl – Heart Chakra, F

High-purity Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with Silicone Ring for Heart Chakra in F4 – 12″

Wellness instruments are designed to be used by anybody. You may have seen crystal singing bowls in yoga studios, with reiki practitioners, or for polarity therapy. Or, perhaps you like how they look — their elegant design makes for a great decorative piece. There’s no single “right” way to practice mindfulness and self-care, and to those who find comfort in sound, Meinl Sonic Energy’s Crystal Singing Bowls are a fantastic choice. Once struck, the rim can be slowly activated to produce an increasingly louder sound with tremendous resonance. The included silicone ring keeps your bowl stable without compromising its sonorous reach. As it spreads throughout the room, it can be used as a point of mental reference, promoting relaxation while giving your mind something positive to focus on.


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Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowl Features:

  • Meditative wellness instruments can help promote self-care and tune out anxiety through mental and physical sound immersion.
  • It can be struck with a coated mallet (not included) or by hand.
  • Made from high-purity quartz crystal to produce consistent sound with long-lasting resonance.
  • Specific chakra tunings allow for tailored sonic bathing for those targeting particular needs.
  • Included silicone ring lets you safely mount your bowl on a flat surface without compromising sonic integrity.
  • Designed for anything from decorative and feng shui use to casual interests and dedicated wellness practitioners.

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