Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowl Rod – White

Glass Rod for Crystal Singing Bowl with Soft Silicone Coating – Medium


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Properly activate your idle singing bowl with a Crystal Singing Bowl Rod from Meinl Sonic Energy! This glass rod is coated with soft silicone, making it a perfect complement to your crystal singing bowl. It is designed to draw out a long, resonant note when swirled around the bowl’s rim, but it can also be used to strike the bowl for a short yet complex sound. You’ll find it easy to make your bowl sing even when using gentle pressure. Its silicone wrap ensures you’ll benefit from significant dynamic freedom, allowing your bowl to ring out subtly or with great authority. For the ultimate sonic massage, users at Sweetwater recommend equipping your crystal bowl with Meinl Sonic Energy’s Crystal Singing Bowl Rod!

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Dimensions 9 cm

Crystal Singing Bowl Rod





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