This weeks mix “Ophelia” is all about the “Progressive Run”.
This run is designed to begin at your natural pace and end at a faster pace, closer to how you hope to perform during a race. Progressive runs are moderately challenging workouts and require more recovery time than base runs, but less than tempo or interval runs.
Example : 5 miles at your natural pace, 1 mile at marathon pace.
Ophelia is perfect for race training because the music starts off light but gradually gets more powerful and stays powerful for 45 minutes.  As always enjoying the musical experience while running is the essential element of Running To The Beat.  Why? Because you will get lost in the music, workout harder, longer and have fun!
Featured Songs:

* Breaking Waves – Ruslan Ridges
* Seconds Away – Super 8
* Adelante – Sash
* Nymeria – Dirkie Coetzee
* Something To Believe In – Ferry Corsten
* Sutra – Alchimyst
* Rocket Punch – Jordan Suckly

Musically Yours,
Peter Canellis

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