Good Evening Runners,
Welcome to Running To The Beat.  Running To The Beat gets you running with the Best Running Music.  We kick off this series with an incredible mix titled “Rising Sun.”  Rising Sun is as uplifting as the first rays of the morning sun. Uplifting chords, eruptive melodies, contemplative lyrics and gorgeous vocals are what define this fantastic mix. “Rising Sun” will kick off your training by putting wings on your feet and keep you running until dawn.  Perfect for a tempo run or negative split.
Tempo runs include intervals faster than your default pace, but not so fast they are unsustainable. The duration of tempo intervals vary depending on your race goals, but typically last minutes or miles, and should be performed at a “comfortably hard” pace, not a sprint. Tempo runs can alternate with a speed workout in a weekly training plan, as doing both in one week may be too taxing.
Tempo Running to “Rising Sun”

* First 5 -10 minutes = warm up
* 10-40 minutes – Tempo Pace
* 40-50 – Cool Down


* Sunrise feat April Bender – Arty
* I’m Holding On – Allan Natal
* Golden Skies – Vanto, Jimmy Clash
* Bad Connection – Luciana, Will Sparks
* Yellow – Zaa, Mino Safy
* Coming Down – Tiesto
* Santa Monica Sunset – Dennis Sender
* Fell For You – Somna and Diana Leigh
* Recuerdos Distantes – Diego Morill
* Reboot – ReOrder
* Smoke – Saad Ayub
* Midnight Sun feat Julie Elven – Driftmoon

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