This weeks mix “Cosmos” is awesome for an “Interval Run”.

These are workouts that contain short or long bursts of intense effort separated by equal or slightly longer segments of slower running, jogging or walking. The intense segments should have you pushing yourself to a point where you are gasping for air and counting the seconds until you can stop. These running workouts help increase speed and boost running economy, efficiency and fatigue resistance.
Example : 1 mile of jogging to warm up, followed by 5 sets of 1000 meter runs at 5k pace with light jogging between intervals, followed by 1 mile of jogging to cool down.
Featured Songs:

* Find The Sun – Raz Nitzan, Moya Brennan, – Solarstone Remix
* Eugina – Salt Tank – Ciaran McAuley Remix)
* Looking – Pierre Pienaar, Amy Kirkpatrick
* Endless Horizon – Soren Andrews
* Shine – The Space Brothers – Join Van Deynhoven Remix
* The Only One – Christina Novelli, Saad Ayub
* All Alone – Eloquenti, Victoriya
* Be There For You – Amy Kirkpatrick, Dark Fusion
* How Can I – Craig Connelly, Jessica Lawrence – James Dymond Remix

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