Good Evening PTR Runners,
Welcome to Running To The Beat.  Running To The Beat gets you running with the Best Running Music on the planet.  Proud To Run Workout #2 is titled “Endless Hope”.  Endless Hope is a beautiful powerful 35 min mix which lays down the foundation for building strong lungs. Gorgeously Uplifting and atmospheric with more than enough energy to get your feet moving and your heart pumping.  Endless Hope is an inspirational mix that will encourage you to move faster and stronger.  Endless Hope is full of beautiful pianos, uplifting chords, eruptive melodies, contemplative lyrics, and gorgeous ethereal vocals.  Endless Hope is one of the best running mixes of the year.  Endless Hope is ideal for a 30 min quick run or sprint work.  Enjoy and PLAY LOUD!
Workout #2: Speed Session
Short, intense efforts interspersed with active recovery translate into an improvement in speed over longer distances, help teach your body to recover faster and gives you more than one gear for race day. Speed sessions can be done a structured workout on a track, planned intervals within a run session on the road or trails, or a choose-your-own-adventure session with a Fartlek (Swedish for “speed play” run).
Endless Hope Playlist

* Agarimo – Dimension
* Stay – 4 Strings
* Layly – Tucandeo – Dj Eco Remix
* The lonely Soldier – Dj Eco
* Venera – Ferry Corsten
* The Dreamers – Marlo

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