This weeks mix “Eye of The Tiger” is a fun “Recovery Run”.
Also called easy runs, these are short runs done at a relatively relaxed pace. They are best done after a hard workout, such as interval or tempo runs, so you can still add some mileage to your training routine without pushing your body too much. Feel free to do these as slow as you need to to overcome any lingering fatigue or soreness.
Example : 3 miles at a comfortable pace on the day after intervals, hill repeats or tempo runs.
Eye of The Tiger is excellent for race training because the music starts off light and stays light.  The tempo and energy are consistent throughout the mix.  As always enjoying the musical experience while running is the essential element of Running To The Beat.  Why? Because you will get lost in the music, workout harder, longer and have fun!
Featured Songs:

* Tearing Up Your Heart
* Eye of The Tiger
* Love Sensation
* Like A Prayer
* Let the Sunshine
* Staying Alive
* Another Brick in The Wall

Musically Yours,
Peter Canellis

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