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Sound healing and meditation are practices that have been used for centuries to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall well-being.
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Balancing The Energy Centers

Sound Healing With
Saints & Angels

Our private and community sound healing experiences use a combination of ancient and digital instruments such as: crystal singing bowls, chimes, solfeggio tones, percussion, Tibetan bowls, binaural beats, and light frequency which produce vibrations and frequency to enhance well-being.
Through the guidance of Peter Canellis, you will be immersed into a visual dream that supports mindfulness, guides meditation, and acts as medicine to heal.
For all private services – whether individual or group – choose from one of four sound healing experiences that focus on:
  • (01) Finding Still and Inner Peace

  • (02) Releasing Karmic Contracts/Letting Go of Fear and Guilt

  • (03) Destressing and Recharging

  • (04) Pampering Your Senses

    *includes the addition of aromatherapy, and essential oils

Private Sound Healing

Private Individual Sound Bath

A one-on-one session where you will be guided through sound to discover your potential, destroy your self-doubt, and dazzle in new-found energy.

Private Group Sound Bath

An intimate setting for just you and your closest companions to bond over the power of sound.

Workplace Wellness

A corporate offering that supports careers and connection in the workplace through guided meditation and immersive sound baths with employees.

Virtual Reality Healing

We enhance the sound healing experience through a virtual reality healing session using sound, visuals, and guided meditation to provide deep healing and restorative properties assisting in calming the mind

Community Sound Healing

Monthly Group Sound Meditation
A sound journey designed to gently immerse and educate you about the therapeutic world of sound. With rotating themes focused on a specific earth element and chakra.





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