Everything You Need to Know about Sound Healing

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Sometimes, simplicity is best when it comes to wellness. This is exactly why sound healing is so impactful. Honing in on our sense of sound and eliminating all other distractions in our life allows our body to truly absorb the tones, beats, and frequencies that can do so much more than simply enjoy an auditory experience.  

Sound is powerful enough to heal us both physically and emotionally. I know, because I have experienced it first-hand. As a multiple myeloma cancer survivor, I attribute sound healing to helping me get my symptoms into remission.
I’ve guided numerous people through both my private and community sound healing sessions from chaos into comfort and being in tune with their bodies enough to start a long-term healing process. Whether that be emotional trauma or physical pain, anyone can heal from sound if they are open and receptive to the experience.
If you are new to the sound healing world or want to learn more about just how impactful this world can be on your own life, then look no further than here. I’ve gathered all of my own learnings and insights to share everything you need to know about sound healing.

What is Sound Healing?

Some call it sound healing. Others call it sound therapy. But regardless of the name for it, the sounds are produced to help guide your body to a certain place through vibration.
Many of us live a life that is out of balance. When this happens, we become susceptible to illness, disease, and long-term effects on our mind, body, and spirit. But what sound healing does is use specific tones, beats, and frequencies to send a vibration into the body and get it back in balance. Because when we regain our balance, we can truly begin to heal.

How Long has Sound Healing Been Around?

While there are many benefits of modern medicine, there are equally some incredible practices that date back well before our time. Sound healing — while newly popular with the Western world — has been around for centuries. In fact, researchers have found that the gong that is used by sound healing practitioners today was also used as a healing instrument in 16,000 B.C.
That’s not the only sound healing instrument that has been around for centuries either. Crystal singing bowls, chimes, and drums have equally been used in healing ceremonies well before our time.

Speaking of Instruments, What is Used?

Every sound healing practitioner uses instruments differently for their sessions. Just like no two songs are the same, neither are any two sound healing experiences.
In my own sessions, I prefer to use a combination of binaural beats, crystal singing bowls, synthesizers, rattles, and drums.
I also offer virtual reality to those that do private sessions with me. Placing these virtual reality goggles on in combination with the sounds I produce helps deeply immerse you into a state of mindfulness and meditation.

How Old Do You Have to Be?

What I love about sound healing the most is that anyone – at any stage of their life – can have numerous positive benefits from a sound healing experience. In fact, sound healing can start when you are still in the womb!
It does not matter how immersed you already are in the wellness world. If you have a body, you can experience and benefit from sound healing. In fact, even if you fall asleep during a sound bath you will still end up benefiting from the experience.
This is also why offering sound baths for the workplace is equally beneficial. They allow a diverse group of people who may have various levels of fitness to equally participate in this healing experience together.

What are the Benefits?

The more sound healing continues to be experienced, the more benefits are being discovered. From a physical standpoint, sound is able to help with numerous ailments. From joint and back pain to digestion issues, cholesterol levels, and even cancer.
Then, there are the psychological benefits — which can further help support physical healing. This ranges from supporting feelings of anxiety and depression, autism, mood swings, and deep sadness.
The beauty of a sound healing experience is that everyone benefits differently, despite being immersed in the same auditory ecosystem.

How Long is a Sound Healing Experience?

The duration of a sound bath can range from just under an hour to nearly two hours. There is no exact amount of time that needs to take place for sound healing to benefit you. I prefer to customize each experience based on the specific goals and who is in attendance.
For those who are on the go, I’ve even created sound healing playlists that allow you to fit in a sound healing experience with your own schedule and on your own time.

In sound we are born, In sound we are healed — Angel Pete

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