Saints and Angels are tuned-in to healing through sound and enhancing lives by creating auditory experiences with ancient and digital instruments that support the mind, body and soul in reaching a healing state of being.

A Healing Paradise of Sound

About Us


"Sound is – and always will be – the medicine for mankind. By providing a diverse soundscape nirvana using a variety of tones, textures, and frequencies, we bring the healing powers of sound into one sensory environment. The analog synth tones, binaural beats, and energy vibrations, all delivered at 432 Hz, deliver the bridge to cross from chaos into comfort and truly transcend one's self.
As a highly trained sound healer, sound meditation facilitator, audio producer, composer, and DJ, my immersive sound healing experiences have helped thousands of wellness seekers elevate their life." - Peter Canellis, a.k.a. Angel Pete Founder of Saints and Angels.

The Sound Healing Nirvana

We offer an auditory ecosystem of experiences that transform chaos into comfort. Designed to help you reach a diving state of being, you'll be recharged, restored, and re-balanced by the healing powers of sound.

Our Auditory Ecosystem

Experience the healing powers of sound from Peter Canellis – certified sound healer and sound meditation facilitator, audio producer, composer, and cancer survivor.

From bespoke private sessions to group events in the workplace, our experiences are designed to help you enhance your overall well-being, both personally and professionally.

Physical benefits include reduced blood pressure + cholesterol levels, enhanced pain management + sleep, and restored DNA. Emotional benefits include elevated relaxation, heightened rejuvenation, and deepened spiritual healing.

The power of sound is so profound that it can decrease anxiety and stress and help you overcome life-changing diagnoses like cancer – as our founder Peter Canellis experienced firsthand.

Sound Healing Experiences

Our private and community sound healing experiences use soothing soundscapes combined with vibrations and frequency to enhance well-being.

Saints & Angels | About Us

A Heartfelt Thank You 🙏🎵

Dear Friends, Clients, and Supporters,

I am truly humbled and honored to announce that I’ve been awarded the Best in Chicago Energy Sound Frequency Therapy Award for 2023. This recognition is not just a testament to my work, but to the incredible community that has come together around the transformative power of sound healing.

Each of you has played a vital role in creating a space where healing, rejuvenation, and transformation can happen. Your trust, support, and the personal stories of transformation that you’ve shared have been the driving forces behind my commitment to this craft.

Thank you for believing in me, and more importantly, for believing in the potential for profound healing through sound energy. This award is a shared milestone for all of us, and it further motivates me to deepen my practice and reach even more people who could benefit from this therapeutic modality.

Looking forward to continuing this journey together, always aiming to shift energies and uplift spirits for the betterment of our wellbeing.

With deepest gratitude,


Thank you once again for making this milestone possible. Here’s to more healing, and to achieving new heights together.

Healing Through Sound

Experience the life-changing power of sound, offering healing, hope, and rejuvenation for everyone, including those dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, cancer, autoimmune diseases, pain management, or other physical and emotional struggles. Our fully immersive sound and light environment provides a transformative healing experience that prioritizes your well-being. 

  • Complete luxury and comfort: memory foam mats, pillows, blankets, eye masks, personal storage area, and complimentary bottled water
  • A powerful, immersive sound and light experience to help individuals transcend and heal
  • Shifting the nervous system to a more relaxed state promoting balance and cellular repair
  • Enhancing communication, self esteem, and the divine connection to the spirit and the universe

FIVE Benefits of Small Group Sessions

1. Healing is Enhanced

2. Energy Cords are Removed

3. Frequencies and Vibrations are More Impactful

4. Better Healing Results

5. Classes Become a Community

Discover the FIVE States of Brainwaves and Harness Their Healing Power

In Sounding the goal is to fluctuate between Delta (Deep Sleep Healing) and Theta (Relaxation, Creativity, Dream State Waves.  These are the optimal states for healing and self exploration. 

When you are in these two states you open the door to sounding  and endless self exploration possibilities. We are all energy. Our thoughts are energy and when we project them they are released into the universe. The thoughts we create don’t stop in our brains.

The waves and frequencies we emit (as shown by an EEG reading) go out the top of our heads and out into the universe and shape our reality.
To learn more about sound and how you can harness it’s healing power.

Join us in a group session and join our community.

Trust Our Customers

First-hand accounts of lives we’ve helped transform through our sound healing services.


Peter explained each sound bowl and other instruments he used to create melodic sounds for our bodies and mind. Definitely an experience I'll never forget.

Tricia Q


Healing and soothing sounds!

Spiro A.


Peter is awesome! I did a home private session with him. He remains in contact with you and gives updates as to his whereabouts. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and provided me with an amazing sound bath experience.

Catherine B.


Peter is a phenomenal sound healer! His empathetic energy and genuine compassion helped me feel confident in trying a new approach to healing.

Catherine S.


Flexibility in my feet and toes, less pain, and I fell so deep asleep the following day that I was out until noon. Looking forward to buying headphones for the in-home self-applied treatments.

Richard S.


I highly recommend Peter's sound healing sessions. I've done numerous, and every time I leave feeling such at peace and the weight of the world off my shoulders.

Richard S.


Peter's binaural beat and solfeggio tones creations are amazing for connecting the mind & body for optimal brain performance. So stoked to be able to listen to throughout the day moving forward — it keeps you going!! Thanks, Peter!


I've been listening to Heaven's Lounge and Healing Through Sound for a long time. When Peter was on hiatus, I tried other brain music podcasts and pandora stations, but none compared to Peter's.


I've been listening to Peter's meditation music for ten years now. There is nothing I'd rather listen to while relaxing and being present.


Your Insight Timer music is amazing. I just want to play it all day. It keeps me calm, and stress free. I don't let things bother me when I am floating to the sounds of Saints and Angels.


Peter's music is always a journey. Every creation is very well thought out from start to finish. I no longer struggle to with find inner peace and calming my mind. Thanks, Peter, you are a life changer.


Hi my name is actually Bethany! This email is from decades ago, anyways I am truly a fan of Peter and his healing through sound bath meditation! I have attended several classes now and every time is always a different relaxing experience.. I leave feeling renewed, refreshed, lighter and at peace.. It has become apart of my needed self-care routine.



If you have never tried a sound bath session (which by the way has nothing to do with getting wet), Then sign up for a Wednesday night session with Peter at Luxe honor. It is the most relaxing thing I have done for months! It's only one hour, but you will feel like you have had the most wonderful rest, improvement and attitude, and quieting of the mind.

JM Fec

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