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The perfect symmetry in your own life and on our shared planet starts and ends with sound.



We are dedicated to creating a healing paradise of sound that transforms chaos into comfort and transports you to a place of inner peace.

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Saints and Angels Legacy: A Symphony of Transformation

Embark on a journey through our storied legacy, where sound meditation, intention, and energy converge to create transformative experiences.

Since our inception in 2020, we’ve been privileged to guide over 876 individuals through personalized sound healing journeys, addressing a myriad of life challenges—from cancer and mental health struggles to anxiety, depression, ADHD, sleep disorders, autism, and hypertension
Saints and Angels offerings are more than services; they’re sacred pathways to a higher state of being, guiding each person toward transcendence and unparalleled well-being.

Meet Peter Canellis

Your Guardian Angel in the Symphony of Sound

In a world where celestial harps once defined the music of the heavens, today’s modern angel has turned to the crystal bowl.

Peter Canellis

Raised in a home filled with symphonies and sonatas, Peter's passion for music was no accident - his mother played concertos on the piano while an uncle mastered the violin. Peter really honed his musical chops, particularly in piano and saxophone, during his time at the University of Illinois in Champaign. With his skills finely tuned, Peter then morphed into a globally recognized DJ, using the power of rhythm and melody to sprinkle joy all around the world.

Realizing how deeply sounds can touch our feelings and drive us, Peter dove into the podcast world with two unique creations - 'Heavens Lounge' for chill-out vibes to help you relax, and 'Running to the Beat', aiming to pump up runners of all levels.

In 2019, a major curveball hit Peter's life when he found out he had Multiple Myeloma with an expected five-year lifespan. As he was getting ready to begin chemotherapy treatment and a stem cell procedure, Peter pursued alternative methods to support his medical regimen. As he sought complementary therapies during cancer treatment, sound's profound healing potential called to him. Peter's journey into sound therapy was more than just a decision, it felt like destiny, guiding him towards a road of self-healing and metamorphosis.

Now, Peter has been living in remission since November 2020 and without chemo treatments since March 2021. Peter's recovery speaks volumes about the impact of sound therapy. And now, Peter's on a mission to spread this wonder, opening doors for others on the same journey to unlock the mysterious healing power of sound therapy. Tag along with Peter as he unlocks the magic of sound therapy, transforming lives one note at a time.

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