Theta Chimes 6 Pack



All Six chimes!

Notes for each tuning by model:

Enlighten – E G B E G# B D E

Tranquility – G# A# C# F A# C D F

Serenity – C D# G G# A# C E G

Esoteric – A C# E F A C E F

Harmony – A C E A B C E

Ecstasy – B D E G G# B D F#

The Theta Chimes are hand tuned carillion chimes built in a bamboo tube. The metal chime features 8 precision ground tines that are tuned to produce the 8 different tones that make up the  Tuning. The tines are brazed into the metal base of the chime to form a singular unit. Tines are activated by a bead which creates sound on impact. The chime can be played by gently holding the rope at the top of the chime and lightly moving it in a circular motion. It can also be suspended by the rope and and hung outside to act as a windchime. The Theta Chime is made from untreated bamboo which can be UV sensitive suggested for indoor use.

Hand made products may vary slightly in color and design due to the beautiful unpredictability of patterns and colors found in the bamboo used to  make these chimes. Bamboo is a sustainable form of quick growing fibrous grass. It is and incredible material and an integral part of the sound of this tool.


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