Zen Duo Mallet Waterproof for Singing Bowls and Percussion


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Zen Duo Singing Bowl and Gong Mallet

Weight: 7.6 oz /  215 grams

Length:  12″ Width of Head:  2.75″ Depth of Head:  1.25″ Height of Head: 1″

Materials: Acrylic, Silicon, Vinyl End Cap


The size of these strikers may slightly vary as they are handmade.

The Zen Duo Mallet is the first ever waterproof percussion and sound therapy mallet.  The head of the mallet has a dual design with four zones.  It features 2 firmer and 2 softer head zones.  No longer do you need 2 mallets, instead simply rotate the mallet to choose a softer or firmer side.  Achieving 2 types of sound and vibration in one mallet.

This mallet is perfect for tapping or striking singing bowls either Crystal or Himalayan (Not intended for rim singing around a singing bowl).  It also works well with gongs, cymbals and many other percussion instruments.

Use it on Land or Sea.  The world’s first waterproof Sound Therapy percussion mallet.  Whether you are using singing bowls in the water or just want to use a mallet on your gong in the rain.  This is the only mallet available today that is waterproof and able to be cleaned using mild soap and water.  This mallet is made in the USA of Silicone, Acrylic, and Vinyl.


White, Maroon, Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Blue, Black


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