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Our Mission to Heal Humanity

We are dedicated to creating a healing paradise of sound that transforms chaos into comfort and transports you to a sensual nirvana.

By doing this, we believe we will not only be able to provide auditory experiences that support the mind, body and soul in reaching a divine state of being, but play a critical role in recharging, restoring and rebalancing all of humanity.
The perfect symmetry in your own life and on our shared planet starts and ends with sound.

Saints and Angel's Legacy

Discover our rich tradition of creating transformative experiences through sound, intention, and energy.

Since 2020, we have provided a range of private and community sound healing sessions, assisting over 750 individuals with their specific intentions. Our sessions have brought relief to those facing cancer, mental illnesses, anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, autism, and high blood pressure.

By embracing the power of sound, our Saints and Angels services guide participants on a profound journey towards attaining a transcendent state of existence.

Meet Peter Canellis —
Your Modern Day Angel

For centuries, angels have been known as the masterful musicians who play the harp. Today’s modern angel plays the crystal bowl.
Since discovering the healing powers of sound in 2019, Peter has transformed into your modern-day angel, providing comfort through his symphony of sounds – which always include his crystal bowls. He has had a long infinity to creating sound, starting out as a classically trained pianist and alto saxophonist. He then went on to be a successful audio producer, music curator and composer. In 2009 he established Heaven’s Lounge, a relaxing and meditative playlist that combines Peter’s unique skillsets of audio production and sound healing.
In 2019 he received a life-changing diagnosis of the incurable cancer known as Multiple Myeloma. He prescribed himself binaural beats, solfeggio tones and energy frequencies that are produced during sound bath to help him get through his cancer treatments. The results not only redefined his own healing journey but showed what is truly possible when you submit yourself to sound.
As your modern-day angel, Peter plays his crystal bowls to spread hope and healing wherever he goes.
“I’ve been a healer my entire life; however, my dance with incurable cancer has infused a higher level of consciousness, understanding, and empathy that has only emboldened my mission, drive, and purpose. Hope is never lost, and that healing is always possible if you are ready to open yourself up to it.”

Indulge in the sheer
magic of my music

Embark on a serene journey of tranquility of my meditative music guiding you to mindfulness.